Our Business

Brentwood Real Estate Group invests primarily in distressed and/or under-valued residential real estate typically located in the greater Southern California area. The company’s core investment activities focus on the purchase of single family residences, condominiums, and small multi-family properties predominantly via trustee sales, open market activities, and direct lender transactions; the renovation of these properties to move-in-ready condition; and the fast-tracked remarketing and resale of these assets.

Brentwood possesses significant experience and market knowledge in Southern California real estate; and the acquisition, renovation and resale of real property assets. Brentwood believes there are significant investment opportunities in the Southern California housing segment driven by the market’s continuous supply and demand imbalances.

Furthermore, Brentwood believes this market is often overlooked by larger traditional real estate investment funds, typically seeking higher value acquisitions targets; and is ineffectively navigated by smaller individual investors who do not possess the necessary market knowledge to best identify value, or expertise to effectively acquire, renovate and quickly resell residential assets. Brentwood expects this perceived buy-side gap provides the opportunity for astute and experienced investors with market knowledge and investment infrastructures to generate significant financial returns for the foreseeable future.

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