Brentwood employs several focused investment strategies, leveraging its unique market insights and transactional knowledge and experience. Brentwood believes these strategies are critical in maximizing investment returns regardless of whether current real estate market valuations are declining, neutral or upwardly-trending.

Targeted Real Estate Focus
Brentwood’s focus is on residential real estate in local market areas where Brentwood holds detailed market knowledge. This allows Brentwood to quickly and consistently identify undervalued real estate assets that may be acquired at below market values. Because of the highly fluid and transactional nature of real estate in its targeted price range, the company can immediately rehabilitate and quickly turn (“flip”) these assets, maximizing returns.

High Impact Rehabilitation Approach
Brentwood focuses rehabilitation efforts primarily on high impact improvements that can be quickly completed and that have the greatest positive effect on current market values. These improvements are typically completed within a 90 to 120 day time period and generally result in returns expected to be well in excess of investment costs. As an additional benefit, these enhancements are usually found to reduce a property’s time on market, supporting the company’s targeted investment cycle per property.

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